Monday, February 23, 2009

Our Empty Nest is Really Empty

The first major move in our upcoming mission was GETTING OUT of our house. Whew. Pant, pant. On Friday night at 11:00 we didn't know if we'd make it--too weary to finish our getting-out chores. Thank goodness we get a fresh start every 24 hours, because by Saturday morning we knew we could do it.

It's felt like having a baby; a long time being pregnant (waiting for it to be time to go), then labor and delivery (getting out the door). Kevin says it's like having a baby without an epidural. Righto dear.

If you're going to be out of your own home, there's no place like your parent's home. (Yeah Mom & Dad!) We've been staying with G & G Merrell and Mino the cat, who is the real owner of their house. Who'd have guessed that in the twilight of their lives my parents would fall crazy in love with a cat and allow themselves to be ruled by it?

We are leaving our beloved home, family, friends, valley, country. All this leaving business hit me hard this morning as we walked up to the American flag at the Veterans Cemetary. Oh my heart! I hugged the flag pole (sort of) and was overcome with eyemist.

I have also said good-bye to my favorite Pinus jeffreyi--it's part of our daily walk in the neighborhood.

If we live in awareness about the sweet and simple details of our lives we will miss them when they end, all the while knowing that we are walking toward new sweet and simple life details. Can't wait to see what is just around the corner...

More in the next few days,
That's Sister Reed to most folks