Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wowie! The Mandaue IS A LAKE

Showers going indoors
Showers going outdoors
It’s a duet of drops
We hope that it stops

One never knows.

The rain was pretty convincing,
which really had us wincing,
thinking about us blitzing
to the car without getting soaked.

Kevin was brave
did all he could to save
his princess from the wave.

I didn’t want us to fret
Travel when we’re wet?
An umbrella for my fella?
We settled for a beach towel instead.

The roads were clear
which made us cheer
The traffic—you know how we feel
to have to deal
with so much congestion.

To our dismay
Many cars lay
Dead in their tracks.

There was no turning back
To find a new track
For owners who were out wading
Their good humor fading

How did this happen?
I asked my wise prince
Too daring of speed
The thought made me wince.

Those engines were bathed
The water was deep
I sat oh so quietly
And didn’t utter a peep

Would our engine fail?
Would we become waders?
We took comfort in knowing
That Cebu has no gators.

It thundered, it lightening’d
Could this please be over?
Or else could we trade this Toyota
For a Range Rover?

Lake Mandaue went on
For more than a mile
Eventually though,
We left it with a smile

The shower had turned to a drizzle
It had surely decided to fizzle
The sun was trying to shine
And which meant we’d soon sizzle

On to Bogo we cruised
A good car, a blessing,
We mused

This light-hearted blog is done
We hope you’ve had fun
Please drop us a line
To help us not pine!