Thursday, September 17, 2009

Down the Road a Ways

Take me home, country roads
To the place I belong

I know, I know. It's been more than three weeks since we posted. Dash those thoughts of us going AWOL and lounging around on a remote tropical beach! We've had missionaries leaving and missionaries coming (1st week), Zone Leader Council (2nd week), and Zone Conference (this week). It's not like we're in charge of these three big events, just involved, and that coupled with our regular duties of bill paying, apartment contract writing, supply ordering, trips to the post office, piano lessons, English classes--there's no time to tell you about it. I've got to start making a list of the life snippets that are interesting so they will resurface in my memory when the world finally simmers down and I can think of blogging.

What we do is so ordinary most days, but it's never dull. If we ever experience a hint of boredom we can always venture out into the city to liven things up. (Surely thoughts from a twisted mind.) It happened today though; we'd worked all morning--watched a shower-is-on rain storm, visited with a few people who stopped in, went upstairs for lunch. We needed to get out for a bit, so why not make our post office run today instead of tomorrow?

Sometimes it's an easy trip.

I sat there enjoying Kevin's company (remember--we can see each other while we work in the office if we crane our necks, and the easiest way to get his attention is to pick up the phone and dial 15) for the first 15 minutes. Then it was big traffic and car-to-car salesmen at the stop lights. Our easy chat was over and we were both on high alert for weaving motorcycles and darting pedestrians. At the post office we found no line for the metered mail and a looong line for the packages. We go to three different windows to take care of our postal needs. I only had to get firm with one fellow who stood and watched me take postage money out of the little bag, then approached me in case I wanted to share what was left with him. DILI! And an firm look.

Kevin on the other hand was cooling his heals in the package line with six package cards. If only they were interested in his innovative ideas for increased efficiency! Really, his brain never quits, and most of the time his ideas are very good. Anyway, I took half the cards and went to the sub-line for small packages, a divide and conquer efficiency measure. He got his packages fast, and my part really needed his efficiency ideas.

The line compressed. I think the Filipinos were even uncomfortable at how close we were all standing, but nobody budged. It's an open air post office you know; no air conditioning to keep us all calm during our wait. Kevin took his packages to the car, then came back to wait for me. Our eyes met across the crowd. I have no doubt that mine rolled, (this is NOT a Filipino thing like raising your eyebrows is) and I mouthed, "I must be crazy", thinking that this little outing was my idea.

Back at the office we were greeted by the assistants and President and Sister Hansen who were finishing the last details to get out the door to Zone Conferences off island. Oh they are such fine folks! Those Assistants--Elder Curtis and Elder Deiparine are joys to work with. We couldn't ask for better neighbors, and they are kind, thoughtful and patient with us old folks in all our office details. President and Sister Hansen scurry around at such a rate that I don't even have a picture of them. Soon.

Elder Curtis and Elder Deiparine on the right, with Elder Nicoleta and Elder--oh dear--I can't think of his name. You know--the one with dark hair and eyes?

We spent last weekend in Bogo, but before we left town we hiked up to a new place. It's a left turn up the mountain a ways, then drive slowly, twisting and turning. Park, and you are ready for a magnificent walk. Our current hiking criteria is anything on a road, and please give us some elevation so we won't sauna to death. This one fit the bill to a tee. There was wind that almost made the air feel dry. What a sensory feast! Feel it on your skin, and hear it. Ahhh.

There are stands of giant bamboo that are nature's wind chimes. They creak and clack in a most musical way.

It was Kevin, Kaikai and me. Our walk took us up the mountain to a beautiful visita that we've promised to return to when we have time to sit and eat a little good food and not worry about what else has to be done that day.

On our way back down we met this goat named Fran. We've met plenty of goats since we got here, and I'm sorry to say that goats are the next feast or celebration. They are very easy to live with and care for since they will eat almost anything. Just tie them up where there are weeds or grass and they will be content until you return for them. Anyway, Fran. It was like she had a sense of us as human beings, and if she could talk she would have had something to say to us. Odd to have thoughts like this about a goat. Wouldn't you say she "wanted" her picture taken? There were two other goats who tried to join her, but she head butted them away and posed for me.

I swear she's smiling!

This is just a pier shot at 5:30 in the morning last weekend in Bogo. Looks like a lake, doesn't it? The water was so still it made us drool for thoughts of water skiing. None of that here though, just fishing.

Kevin and I have been mulling over the concept of balance lately. We keep seeking it--practicing it, having to practice it more. There is so much interesting stuff to do and experience here. Unfortunately our middle-aged bodies need enough rest. Gone are the days of burning the candle at both ends. I have balance thoughts about blogging too. I'd like to blog more often and shorter. I look at my entries and wonder if anyone reads something so long. Well, pick and choose and I'll see what I can do. No promises, but it might be like nibbling on the Philippines instead of huge meals.

Bye for now. We pray for you every day, and are grateful for your prayers in our behalf.