Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jeepney of the week..... the majority of the jeepneys are of this vintage

The mission opportunities keep moving forward here in this part of the vineyard. Good people continue to respond to the invitation to hear the gospel message. Faithful missionaries all over the world continue to act under the direction of the Spirit. We feel a great blessing to be able to observe and be part of the work of the Lord.
Last week we received training via internet/ phone that prepares us to jump from MOS ( the accounting and organizational program) to IMOS. The I standing for internet. When this is up for our mission those who need to access mission information will be able to from any computer in the world with internet access. IMOS has many changes in some of the functions but it looks as though it is a great improvement in information technology. We are to receive further training this week.

This is a view from a rest area on the road from Barili

We had the opportunity on our preparation day ( Saturday) to drive to the other side of this island. We went further south than before and arrived in a town called Barili, yes it sounds Italian. We had received directions from the docent at the museum that we had visited a couple of weeks ago here in Cebu. He directed us to see Mantayupan (Mon-tie- u-pan) Falls

We had also heard of Kawasan Falls which are located further south through some really pretty country. The falls are impressive to see if you are in that area but it is a distance to drive and then walk/hike up to see them. If you could (as most visitors) swim and cool off it would be a fun place to go. It was really nice to be out of the city.

We had been looking for a basket like these and happened upon this man making them

On the way home we came upon this three wheel setup that is used throughout this area, although we had never seen it used for hauling cattle! As we passed by, in between the driver and the women were two of their children probably going off to market. We had to follow behind them for a while as the turns in the road made it difficult( by my standards) to pass. There must have been a bug or something because several times the cow got really jumpy and started whipping that long tail and as it did so the poor woman got a really thrashing until the cow settled down. Hopefully they arrived without serious incident.

We happened on some Carabao cooling themselves in the mud hole

There is great need for missionary couples in all and many varied service opportunities. We just have had a new couple arrive who have been given the assignment to coordinate the efforts in preparation of the Temple open house and all the events that will go with that event. They are the Pecks from St. George, Ut. For the time being they are not really in our mission because they have a separate assignment, but after that portion of the assignment they will be part of the needed couples and senior sisters who serve in this mission.

All the best and thanks for your support

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