Monday, May 18, 2009

Two and a half months into our mission and it feels like it’s speeding by. At this rate we will be home in about a week!
This blog entry is pretty random. Let’s start with the jeepney of the week. They are as individual as their drivers.

Note the money fanned out in the fingers of the back assistant. Cool guys fan their money.

Plant of the week—Travelers Palm, a.k.a Ravenala madagascariensis. It isn’t a true palm but a traveler’s true friend. It stores water in the stalks, so you could make a slit and water will gush out, probably saving your life.
And to go along with the above, name that plant. Hint: it is grown in Boise as an annual; of course here it’s perennial.

Wonder of the week (sorry—no picture) tree-ripened bananas. A young man who works with the missionaries brought a bag full from his tree at home. Oh heavenly eating! They had to be consumed immediately (banana bread for all involved), but such a treat for we temperate climate dwellers.

Temple update: it’s coming along, although no Angel Moroni yet. The brackets to hold the granite slabs are being installed. The rectangle building in front of the temple is our future home. We’re delighted to report that it is FAR from the street.

We enjoy walking every morning and try to be out the door at 5:15- 5:30 each morning. Well, truthfully, Kevin enjoys it every day and Ann has to be dragged out half the time. It isn’t the walking, it’s the profuse sweating that makes her whiney. Thankfully, Kevin keeps the health interests of all in mind and tries to keep Ann happy, including looking for new, interesting places to walk.
Our new walking destination is Beverly Hills Suvdivision. It’s the first subdivision built in Cebu, located on a hill close to our apartment, clean, quiet and interesting landscapes, which pleases our favorite sweat-hater. All the homes are large even by US standards, and of course they all have high security walls and guards. Just down the hill a bit, and in view from our walking street is the Taoist Temple.

Now doesn’t this picture make it look like we’re living in an exotic tropical paradise? Silly! We ARE!!

This is lookong from the area we like to walk toward the more modern part of Cebu

If you recall, last Saturday we attempted to visit Fort San Pedro after our tour of Carbon. We were rained out though, so we went yesterday. It is one of only a few triangular shaped forts, and the oldest one in the Philippines. It was erected by the Spanish in the 1500’s to protect the harbor of Cebu

The highlight of the week was to be able to attend the baptism of Bro. and Sis. Escotto and their daughter. When we first arrived here in Cebu I was asked to go with Elder Young to a teaching appointment. This visit was to this family. I didn't then, and I still do not converse in Cebuano, but the Spirit of Christ enhanced by the Holy Ghost is a language all can understand and feel.

The Escotto family embodies the great lesson taught in Alma of how pride is a wall that blocks the Spirit and that humble circumstances can and will allow the Lord's spirit to bless lives. It is a great blessing to participate in such events.

We thank you all for your support and always enjoy a comment on the blog or an e-mail.

Love from the other side.

The Reeds in Cebu

We leave you with a couple of examples of the flowers that are around the chapel grounds